Common Medicare FAQs

Medicare FAQs

I saw a commercial that Medicare now covers dental, vision, and hearing; is that true?

I hear this regularly because there are a couple very slyly worded commercials that regularly play on television.  Original Medicare DOES NOT cover Dental, Vision and Hearing.  There are insurance plans that may add these benefits either complimentary or at an additional premium.  Some plans even offer gym memberships and Over-the-Counter benefits to improve your health.  We can look at the exact same plans to which they are referring and determine if it is a good fit for you.

What is Silver Sneakers or Renew Active?

Many Medicare insurance plans offer incentives for you to remain active and healthy.  Silver Sneakers is a program where the insurance plan will pay for a gym membership for you or will provide you with equipment so you may work out at home.  There are other programs such as providing a FitBit that will help track fitness metrics and reward you with gift certificates when certain milestones are attained.  Everyone may have a different preference to remain active, let us help you find you a plan with this benefit.

Can I get help purchasing Over-the-Counter, or drug store items?

In an effort to encourage beneficiaries to maintain good health habits, and sometimes proper healing of injuries, many plans will provide Over-the-Counter (OTC) benefits.  These are items such as vitamins, cough/cold remedies, moisturizers, oral care to only name a few.  Typically these are items that someone would purchase at a drug store when picking up their prescriptions.   This benefit has proven to be quite popular and usually provides as a certain dollar amount on a quarterly basis.  We can help you determine the best way to access the benefit in your area.

Does Medicare cover Long Term Care (LTC)?

Long Term Care is defined as helping with certain Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) toileting and transferring ect.  It is a very common misconception that Medicare will cover Long Term Care (LTC), but Long Term Care is NOT covered by Medicare.  Medicare helps cover medical issues such as Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Home Health Care.  When the need for Long Term Care arises, it can be financially devastating if not properly prepared for before the need arises.  The federal government incentives to encourage you prepare your finances for LTC needs.  We can definitely help you with this aspect of retirement planning.

Why do I need a Medicare Supplement?

Many people are under the false impression that Medicare covers 100% of any medical bills, this is simply not true.  Having Original Medicare (Part A and Part B ) still leaves an individual responsible for deductibles and co-insurances.  There are no upper limit caps to the costs an individual can accrue and there is no drug coverage.  A supplement can cover the deductibles and co-insurances, either fully or in part, to help mitigate your Medicare costs.  Beyond the supplement plans there are also Medicare Advantage (Part C) and Prescription Drug Plans (Part D) that we can help you to understand.

What is the difference between a Medi-Gap and a Medicare supplement?

There is not a difference, it is merely two different terms for the same type of insurance coverage.  The more commonly accepted term contained within insurance literature is a Medicare Supplement.

When do I sign up for Medicare and/or additional coverage.

Typically you want to contact Social Security three months before the month that you turn 65 years old.  There are many variables to this decision making process: such as; some individuals can get Medicare previous to 65 years old, some should delay getting Medicare and some should not apply for Medicare at all.  Any additional coverage can be obtained once you are registered within the Medicare system.  Because of the variability of each individual situation it would be beneficial to contact us so we may create a “roadmap” and get you enrolled in appropriate coverage. 

Can I just get Medicare’s Drug plan?

I commonly get told that an individual is “just going to get Medicare’s Drug plan.”  I always have to smile and tell them there is no such plan; Medicare DOES NOT have their own drug plan.  All Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) also called Part D programs are administered by private insurance carriers.  Each PDP must follow the Medicare governing protocols and are contracted and monitored by Medicare.  But each plan can vary in their formularies, deductibles and co-insurance amounts.  This is where we can step in and make sure you have proper coverage for your medications.

Can I get AARP Insurance for Medicare?

AARP is not an insurance carrier, they partner with different large insurance carriers in order to help provide a quality experience for their membership.  Within the realm of Medicare they have partnered with United Healthcare, that means all your benefits with an AARP name will be provided by United Healthcare.  The standard follow up question is do I need to be a member of AARP for insurance that bears there name.  The simple answer: it depends on the plan that you choose.  We can help first determine the appropriate insurance coverage for you, then determine if you need to become a member.

Are there any good resources to read on Medicare?

How does a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan have zero monthly premium?

These plans contract with Medicare to administer and provide your Medicare benefits.  They get paid a certain amount per month from Medicare for this service.  The plan determines if anymore premium is required from you, the beneficiary, beyond what they receive from Medicare.  In many cases there is no, or zero, additional premium required.


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